ZOMBO invades the Jive Hive

ZOMBO! ZOMBO is a Super Tight Acid Jazz band...shaken, not stirred, with a funk twist! ZOMBO! Developed over the summer and we do 90% original music. ZOMBO! is: Matt Girtler: Guitar, Vocals, Raps, Sweat Towels Dave Macejka: Drums, Percussion, Spatula, Brooms John Portolese: Electric Bass, Electric Shirts, Backing Raps Dr. Ted Nelson, aka Nick Vollbrecht: Guitars, Effects, Man Buns Billy "Rings" Ringwood: Saxophone, Jawbone, Cigars Mantra: "If you play the shit out of it, people will dig!" * *Johnny Sunday approved Stay tuned for more in the next few days....always keep your finger on the pulse of... ZOMBO! You're gonna love what we're layin' down!